domingo, septiembre 2

Sharing memories.

I just can't say goodbye. I've promised you I'm going to forget you, forget our love. But it's impossible. I want you to be the reason of my smile. I want you to be my achievement. I want you to be that thing I've been fighting all my life. Too times I've been thinking distance does not care. But you weren't strong enough. You've fell. We've fell. I only want to be with you for a whole moment. Hear your voice again... Maybe you're not perfect. Me either. But, what we're going to do? Nobody's. The most accurate shot of my life was to choose you. Together would destroy our fears. No more pain. Never again. And finally we'll can meet. If only "happily ever after" does exists... You treat me like I'm nothing. You treat yourself like you're nothing. We're nothing, then? I guess. I know someday we will still be friends. But no today. I want you instead, tomorrow, the next week and all the days of my life. You never are going to love me again. And I have to live with that. But I can't imagine life without you. Just can't. You promised me St. Petersburg, Minsk, or maybe Moscow. I'm a dreamer, I know, but of dreams we live. And if I fight for it enough, someday I'll have  all that. I have a lot of things to say to you. But now I'm helpless, and therefore, shy. You are my midnight sun, my winter's solstice. I felt loved to your side. Now I feel like a shit. I just want to say one thing: don't let our love die, never. I'm still loving you. Don't let me fall.

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